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Supernatural.. Arcane.. Blood Soaked.. THE CABINET!

Image Comics The Cabinet 001
Debuting next month from Syzygy Publishing, an imprint of Image Comics, is an all-new YA/Teen+ tale, THE CABINET! Co-created and written by Dwayne McDuffie Award-winning and Eisner-nominated writer Jordan Hart (Ripple Effects) and acclaimed screenwriter David Ebeltoft (Here Alone), this five-issue series heralds the vibrant arrival of Italian artist Chiara Raimondi, along with interconnecting variant covers by acclaimed illustrator, Marguerite Sauvage.

In this vibrant, tongue-in-cheek adventure series, atypical teen Avani and midwestern jock Trent teleport across a post-Cold War landscape to collect bizarre relics. Why? Well, because they need to summon the arcane powers of a resplendent 17th-century cabinet to fix a teeny-tiny mistake the last time Avani used it...unleashing an ancient evil from its prison and accidentally slaughtering her parents.

“David and I had one goal when creating The Cabinet— cooking up a character-driven supernatural adventure that made us laugh every single day,” said co-creator/writer Jordan Hart. “We challenged ourselves to make the absurd believable. The result became a story with villainous foot soldiers who wear medieval tunics with Reebok Pumps, a 6’7” sidekick who loves advanced algebra as much as playing college football, and an arcane instruction manual that looks like it was designed by Lisa Frank.”

“Jordan and I always knew the fabric would be stitched and held together by Avani, our Indian American heroine,” said co-creator/writer David Ebeltoft. “We wanted a character that was strong, relatable, and inclusive, but could also be a gutsy badass when push comes to shove. While nurturing Avani’s spirit and nature, we drew heavily from my familial well, where my wife inspired everything from Avani’s look, to her passion, to her compassionate kick-assery.”

Image Comics The Cabinet internals 01

Image Comics The Cabinet internals 02

Image Comics The Cabinet Internals 03

For fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Lumberjanes, or Wednesday Addams gone Indiana Jones, readers will love The Cabinet, which also features lettering by Hart and is presented and edited by Syzygy co-founder, Chris Ryall. 

A witty “summer blockbuster style” comic to warm your winter woes, The Cabinet #1 drops in shops Valentines Day (Feb. 14th).

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