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Syndicate Collectibles Conjures the Horror of Pumpkinhead

Syndicate Collectibles Pumpkinhead Statue 001
In a thrilling announcement that will excite horror collectors and fans alike, Syndicate Collectibles is proud to unveil its latest masterpiece: the Pumpkinhead Collectible Polystone Statue, presented in both Apex and Classic editions, each available in 1:4 and 1:10 scales. This launch marks an unprecedented opportunity to own a piece of cinematic horror history, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the iconic film character and officially licensed by MGM.  

In addition, Tom Woodruff Jr, who co-created the character and wore the creature suit in the film, was a consultant on this piece and provided numerous reference images and a 3d scan of the head to ensure accuracy!

First introduced in the 1988 horror film directed by Stan Winston, Pumpkinhead has since become an iconic figure within the horror genre, a literal spirit of revenge and dread. The tale of loss and retribution has cemented its place in the hearts of horror fans, with Pumpkinhead becoming a symbol of the genre's rich narrative depth and visual impact. These statues pay homage to the creature's fearsome legacy, inviting collectors to celebrate its enduring mark on horror culture.

Syndicate Collectibles Pumpkinhead Statue 001

The Apex Edition statues, distinguishable by the inclusion of two additional heads, are a collector's dream, designed for those who demand the pinnacle of horror memorabilia with multiple display options. Available in two sizes, they cater to both the discerning collector and those with limited space:

  • The 1:4 Scale Apex Edition, priced at $1,099.99, is a limited edition marvel, offering an imposing presence and unparalleled detail.
  • The 1:10 Scale Apex Edition, with a price of $229.99, provides a more accessible but equally detailed option for fans.
  • Each Apex Edition statue showcases the demon of vengeance in exquisite detail, from its grotesque visage to its towering stature, promising to be the centerpiece of any collection.

The Classic Edition statues capture the original terror that Pumpkinhead unleashed on the screen, available in:

  • The 1:4 Scale Classic Edition, priced at $999.99, allows enthusiasts to own a significant piece of horror iconography.
  • The 1:10 Scale Classic Edition, available for $209.99, offers the same meticulous craftsmanship in a more compact form.

Both scales of the Classic Edition are crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that the spirit of Pumpkinhead is faithfully preserved for fans and collectors.

Syndicate Collectibles Pumpkinhead Statue 001

Syndicate Collectibles Pumpkinhead Statue 001

Crafted from the highest quality polystone, each Pumpkinhead statue stands as a testament to Syndicate Collectibles' dedication to excellence. Available for immediate delivery through the Syndicate website.

To pre-order and for more details, visit Syndicate Collectibles' website.

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