Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sucker Punch Review

High Concept is a term we throw out there when a movie is so bat shit crazy and over the top but at the same time introduces the audience to heaping helpings of amazing eye candy, the likes of which may have you grinning like a 6 yr old boy seeing a Batman movie for the first time. Sometimes they work...sometimes they give you a brain aneurysm. Sucker Punch is one such movie, not unlike the sticky, fevered dreams of those who create Final Fantasy films and video games. Scantly clad, super powered ninja girls battle Kung Fu robots, giant Samurai wielding gatling guns, Goblins, undead steampunk Nazis and even a fire breathing dragon in a series of dreamscapes conjured by a girl named Baby Doll who is desperately trying to break free from her hellish human confines. Is there more story than this? Nope...but the colors sure are pretty!!

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