Friday, March 25, 2011

Gentle Giant Takes On Marvel Comics

The one thing you will never hear any collector say these days would be "WHERE can I find awesome Marvel Comics toys and collectibles??!!" Marvel seems to give out licenses as if they were GoGo Dancer flyers on a NY street corner. This being the case, a lot of junk gets made, so when we hear a favorite company of ours has thrown their hat in the ring, we cross our fingers and hope for a little something different.

"Gentle Giant Ltd. is proud to announce a new partnership with Marvel Entertainment! In our ongoing efforts to bring new and uniquely special pop culture products to market, GGLTD has recently licensed several new categories of collectibles. Look forward to seeing Mini-busts, Bookends, Desk Accessories, beautiful Bronze items, Life-size pieces and character Statues featuring detailed vehicles and much, much more.

Coming soon are Deadpool on his Motorbike, interchangeable bookends allowing you to choose which hero battles which! And an ongoing line of mini-busts featuring all your favorite heroes like The Hulk, The Thing, Spider-man, Wolverine and many more, plus offerings from the Thor, Captain America and Avengers films! Make mine MARVEL!"

Gentle Giant gives us a taste with images of their 7 inch tall Black Cat and Thor busts as well as the most awesome Deadpool statue you've ever seen. I'm going to assume there is some scale difference between Cat and Thor, as GG tends to do things properly. DRINK IT IN!!

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