Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man Meets Baby Spidey

Hey, even Spider-Man could have an Ally McBeal moment. ~crickets~ SOMEONE OUT THERE remembers Ally McBeal!! It was the show about a young, hot, female lawyer who was neurotic to the much so her anxiety driven thoughts often manifested in imaginary moments that seemed real to a baby beckoning her to come and dance. It's kind of sweet to think, since Peter Parker had a tumultuous upbringing, there would be be a piece of him longing to run outside and know..if swinging in between buildings in New York City on bungee-like webbing ever stops being FUN! Evian recognized Spidey's often mopey, overly responsible nature and cooked up this ad campaign with the catch phrase "Live Young"....or they just thought it would be awesome to watch Spidey goof around with a little Chibi Spidey for a bit. Either Hit the jump to watch...

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