Tuesday, December 2, 2014

DC Comics Block Figures Sneak Onto Toy Shelves

It's rare these days that a licensed product could slip into retail stores without rabid fans of said license freaking out about it and blowing up the internet. With that in mind, I was shocked to find few people had known Underoos had made a fairly silent come back when we ventured into the heart of darkness (AKA Hot Topic...which is a dark store..not being funny!) and shot those pics of He-Man, Wonder Woman and Captain America skivies. That was a very short time ago, but now we are constantly wondering what other licensed merch might be sneaking around out there just waiting to be discovered. It wasn't long before we found more fun stuff!

The company is called "Once Kids", a Texas outfit that boasts "we make cool toys affordable because we were...(wait for it)...Once Kids." Though their online catalog rolls out some crazy fun wooden city playsets titled "Wanderlust" and other sets with irresistible names like "Chalk Monsters", "Chalk Robots" and "Dapper Men Wooden Action Figures", it is one little set burried in the Holiday impulse isle of Target that grabbed our attention. Within the "This Is Princess" wood and felt playset live two familiar little block people..Green Lantern and Wonder Woman...flanking a shadowy giraffe and a smiling woman in pink. Why? Why not.

We know you need more answers than that and would probably like to find out if there are further princess kits containing Batman, Harley Quinn and Joker, so we hopped over to the Once Kids website and scoured their catalog...and while we didn't find any more licensed heroes among their pretty damn cool block super hero kits, we did find...this...


The need ...is mighty. Sadly, I doubt my need will be fulfilled in this instance, as I found no further trace of DC or DC-like heroes ...or a Star Wars licensed anything anywhere on the Once Kids website. WE WILL CONTINUE DIGGING!!

Feel free to do your own search at http://www.once-kids.com/ where you'll find all manor of awesome, creative kits your kids are sure to throw across the room because you didn't get them a new iPad. Since they are all wooden, they shouldn't cause much damage when they land.

Let us know if you spot more of these sets with familiar faces in the toy isles!

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