Friday, December 5, 2014

Legends of Kickstarter: The Fart Flinger Gun

If I were a network anchorman, I'd start this story by saying "Some Kickstarter campaigns are terrible. This one...down right stinks." ...but I am not that white, so we won't do that. NOT TODAY! Today, my friends, we receive word from some enterprising folks who boast the ability to harness the power of human gaseous expulsions and wield them like a weapon. Yes...we are talking about a fart gun. A real one. This is not The Onion. Stop checking.

The pitch reads as follows:

A prankster can only do so much when it comes to playing smelly pranks. Well today a new toy promises to reinvent one of the most cherished pranks. Fart Flinger is a toy gun designed to capture those smelly gases with ease and shoot them at unsuspected victims. The toy is made of BPA friendly plastic and is children safe. Check out the really, ridiculously horrible pitch video...

Key Features:
Easy to use gas capturing and blasting pump
Playful design
Children safe design with round edges
Makes realistic fart sounds

Fart Flinger will be the perfect companion for your children, dorm roommates, or even office colleagues. The gun has gone through 4 iterations and is now ready to be mass-produced. Currently on Kickstarter early birds will be able to pre-order Fart Flinger starting at $25.

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