Friday, March 20, 2015

A Modern Hawkeye Figure For A New Age

When our favorite heroes are re-imagined ...reformatted...straight up redesigned or worse, rebooted, a new costume is sure to come. Often (as we are geeks), these changes are met with anger. Just...a little anger. More often than not, that anger is at least somewhat well founded, as the redesign sucks all the fun out of the original concept or changes the look of the character so profoundly as to render them unrecognizable.'s just awesome.

The recent Hawkeye comic book has been creating a buzz for some time now with a fantastic style that introduces a noir element to the storytelling and a team of creatives that breathed new life into what was largely considered a one note character. Now Diamond Select celebrates Hawkeyes killer modern look with a Disney Store Exclusive action figure so awesome, no one thought to tell anyone about it til it hit stores and an excited collector decided to share it with us! Kevil Teppel wandered into a Disney Store in Illinois and came across the figure that's about to jump to the top of everyone's Most Wanted list.

Based on Matt Fraction's Hawkeye comic series, the "Avenging Hawkeye" action figure is due out ....soon...or now if you live in IL. Happy Hunting!

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