Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Taco Bell's "Routine Republic" Short Reveals the McDonald's Breakfast Dictatorship

A good 80% of young adult action films involve some sort of bleak future where humans oppress each other with the usual elements in place including entire towns reduced to rubble, ground under the boot of their oppressors and ragtag freedom fighters drenched in shades of blue dodging enemy eyes while running past oddball propaganda posters and video reminiscent of World War 2 campaigns. Taco Bell watches all the films we do, and they have a message of rebellion all their own. Break the shackles of your breakfast mediocrity and embrace a new dawn of tasty freedom!! Down with the clown!! Run for the border!! ...or something along those lines. 

Hearkening to that infamous Apple commercial of years past (and obviously the book 1984) where the lovely Hooter's Girl hurls a hammer into the giant screen, Taco Bell paints McDonald's as the supreme leader, oppressing the public with boring round breakfast sandwiches. Head over to Routinerepublic.com and you are greeted with an army of dancing McSandwiches and a video assuring you that eating the same foods every day, like everyone else, makes you happy. And then there's this...

Execution, A+. This extended commercial at once make me happy that there's still a little imagination being thrown around in the droning world of commercialism (and even mocks that)...and sad that this short is better than some movies I've seen lately. Now there's nothing I'd like more than to see McDonald's playfully fire back with their own propaganda video!! This could be damn fun...unlike the fast food wars that ravaged the planet in the movie Demolition Man. That was sad. But you might remember...Taco Bell came out victorious there. Interesting... All that's left is for McDonald's to send a clown robot into the past to kill the creator of Taco Bell and ensure their dominance of the fast food nation. .....This would make an amazing Anime. ...and now I want McDonald's french fries. This sort of backfired, Taco Bell.

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