Saturday, July 23, 2016

SDCC 2016: Warner Bros Destroys Comic-Con with Wonder Woman, Justice League, LEGO Batman, Fantastic Beasts & More

HOLY DAMN!! Warner Bros got the message after the massive debbie downer that was Batman V Superman underwhelmed long time comic book fans across the globe and GREW A SENSE OF HUMOR!! THERE ARE FRAKKIN JOKES IN THE JUSTICE LEAGUE TRAILER!!! IT'S PRETTY DAMN CHARMING!!!! I can't be happier, if you couldn't tell. While Marvel is a great love of mine, my entire childhood belonged to Batman, Superman and the Justice League. When film makers ignore that past...those character notes...and just make what they feel like making, it makes all the comic fans like me very depressed. We drink heavily, pick fights with Anime kids (damn u Homestuck) and yell at PokemonGo players to get off our lawn...well..any lawn. The newest footage shown at San Diego Comic-Con is guaranteed to turn those curmudgeony frowns upside down.

First up...Wonder Woman!!! Honest to God...if you don't start laughing uncontrollably during the World War 2 battle scene...I'm not sure what's going to make you happy. Check this out...

Next... JUSTICE LEAGUE!!! Did anyone think they'd actually show Justice League footage so soon? Yea? You did? Well..fuck...I did not! This was a shocker for me and all I can think was they tested this footage on some folks who bitched big time about Dawn of Justice and after several requests to run it 3 more times, they knew they got it right and had to spin that positivity as soon as possible...and what better place for spinning than in the middle of the Geek Mecca called COMIC-CON!! a thing of beauty.

Next up...Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Just...incredibly beautiful and fun and entirely amazing. The Harry Potter films were fantastic but they were largely for children. This new film captures the imagination of the viewer and doesn't seem to care if you are 5 or 50. If this is the future of the Potterverse, we are in for a killer ride.

It's takes a world built by LEGO to take a character we've watched a billion times and present him in a way that is 100% unexpected. Holy damn. This trailer is hysterical!! If you watched the LEGO Movie about 50 times since it's release, well best ready your butt for some more power viewing...

Next, we return to Skull Island where a bunch of white dudes decided it would be an awesome idea to roofie a giant gorilla and take it back to America where he's be happy and docile and play with all the carnival children! YEAA!! Nope. Whole buckets of Nope. I'm getting a distinct "Lost World" vibe here but with such an amazing cast, I have high hopes they can pull off something that transcends the usual "LET'S DO THAT POPULAR THING AGAIN AND MAKE MORE MONEY!!" Hollywood re-visit. Here's Kong: Skull Island...

And finally we have...KING ARTHUR: Legend of the Sword...which will most likely leave you wondering "what the frik did I just watch??!!" It's like Lock, Stock and a smoking Camelot. It's like a very street UK movie had a threeway with Dungeons and Dragons (the very terrible movie..not the wonderful game system)  and Zach Snyder's fever dreams. Just...just look at it...

OK..Palette cleanser...

Yea..fine..can't wait. DON'T LET ME DOWN!!

Suicide Squad save the world August 5th
Fabtastic Beasts hits theaters November 2016
LEGO Batman swings to screens February, 2017
Kong: Skull Island pits Sam Jackson against a giant gorilla (dream fight) March 2017
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword arrives March 24, 2017
Wonder Woman goes to battle June 2nd, 2017
Justice League kicks everyone's ass November 2017

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