Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Attack on Titan Season 2 Coming in 2017

FINALLY!! Fans of giant babbling naked people chewing on tiny innocent Asians rejoice at the news Attack on Titan season 2 finally seems to have a round-about date of arrival in 2017. No overly dramatic, super cheesy live action film could satiate fans who were originally told they'd see more Titan animated action in 2016 and so..we waited...and drew pictures...and bought toys...and made costumes...and went on theme dates where we stayed in character the whole time only breaking to do mundane things like pay checks and go to the bathroom. No one goes to the bathroom in the Attack on Titan world.

SPRING is the magic season in which we will finally get more Attack on Titan. Ohhh...I can already hear the chewing. Bless the massive babies. The main website for AOT features an amazing teaser image to celebrate the coming. That would be the big, crazy thing on the left.

And that's about all we get for now!'s a date...and now..we wait some more. And find large trees to pose in.

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