Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Toy Fair 2017: Thinkway Continues Their 2 Million Minion March with Despicable Me 3

Toy Fair 2017 coverage continues with another update from Axel Manasco who risked his life wading into an ocean of little yellow people that could possibly turn cannibal at any moment!! We kid of course. There are no known cases of cannibalism among the Minions...or Minion on human ..chewing...that we know of. Thinkway's UK representatives put out quite the spread with Minions of every conceivable shape and size, from tiny blind bag figures to spinning wind-ups to action figures, talking plush, squishy plush...plushy squishy plush...dancing Minions, walking Minions and Minions on little stages you attach to other Despicable Me characters so they can dance around in unison to music!!! It is, indeed, a magical time. Of course this year's crop of lil yellow people centers around Despicable Me 3, so you'll find some new outfits, accessories and characters specific to the new film.

Let's not waste any more time and dive right in to the eye candy!!

Here's the little bit of actual info we pulled from the displays and with help from Thinkway's PR.

"Balthazar Bratt has turned villainous and aims to conquer the world, taking everything back to when he felt best about himself…1982! Gru discovers he has an identical twin brother called Dru. Dru asks Gru to teach him how to be evil. Gru declines, causing the minions to go on strike instigating mayhem and bedlam on their own. Gru, Dru and the Minions must unite to save the world from Balthazar Bratt!"

NOTE:: THINKWAY have asked us to remove all pictures shot at UK Toy Fair. We've replaced them with some official images and hope to have more soon.

Despicable Me 3 Walk n Talk Stuart and Dave
These characters will walk and talk repeating the phrases spoken to them.

Despicable Me 3 Music Mates.
10 different dancing minion characters on a plinth. Connect as many as you like to see them dance to the music in unison. With voice and music! Choose from Gru, Agnes, Carl, Tim, Stuart, Dave, Mel, Jail Time Tom, Tim and Carl.

Also on the way:

Action Figures: Stuart with Fart Blaster, Hula Jerry, Tim with megaphone, Dave with banana, Build-A-Bot Clive, Gru with freeze ray
Deluxe Action Figures: Hula Jerry, Banana Crazy Carl, Tourist Jerry, Jail Time Tattoo Tin and Phil
Spinnin' Jail Time Carl with banana launcher
Wind Up Minions: Hula Dance Dave, Walkin' Jail Time Tim, Crazy Run Dave, Walkin Tim
Mini Vehicles: Gru's Vehicle with Minion, Gru's Villain Vehicle with young Gru, Flaming Water Cycle with Gru
1 inch Micro Minions in 3 packs with a playset, 2 different 8 piece sets and surprise figure blind packs.
Plush Buddies 3 packs, single Plush Buddies, talking Plush Buddies, larger talking plush and non-talking plush
Anamatronic Dolls: Talking Jail Time Tim, Tom and Carl, Talking Tim, Dave, Mel, Carl and Stuart and Talking Hula Jerry and Dave, Dancing Carl and Dave
Classic Fart Blaster gun in standard size and mini and Minion Glasses!

The goat...is called Unigoat. ...I can't...

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