Friday, July 14, 2017

Sweet Suite 2017: LEGO: Marvel Thor: Ragnarok Preview

Sweet Suite is an extremely fun yearly event thrown by the fine folks at Toy Insider where we face the unique challenge of scoring free drinks while attempting to hold a camera steady enough to shoot new toys. BATTLE!! Galaxia Siandre accepted that challenge at my side and together, we swept the room clean of any and all scoops and..well..probably shot every toy there too. Just days away from San Diego Comic-Con, let's get a jump on drooling over new toys with LEGO!

Marvel Studios' Thor: Ragnarok is exciting fans (and me) who may have not been blown away by past installments focusing solely on Thor and his Asgardian buddies. My primary complaint would be that Asgard in the comics is RIDICULOUSLY FUN with many layers and races and excellent characters ...and the films don't reflect any of that. Now with Director Taika Waititi at the wheel, we've got levity and color and, presumably, awesome by the truck load! I can't wait. Presumably, neither can LEGO, who had a little Thor: Ragnarok magic on display...

76088 Thor vs Hulk Arena Clash
Stage an epic Thor vs. Hulk clash in the arena! Bring Thor from the prison, slide open the arena gate and let battle commence. Dodge the Hulk’s huge hammer and axe. Fight back with Thor’s swords and other weapons hidden in the arena wall. But hang on—Thor and Hulk are actually old friends. Topple Grandmaster from his throne and knock Loki off his seat with super-jumping Thor. Bring down the pillars to block the Sakaarian Guard, smash down the wall and free Hulk from Grandmaster's control!

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