Monday, July 24, 2017

SDCC 2017: The Justice League Comic-Con Trailer & The Return of Superman

SDCC 2017 Warner Bros Justice League Comic-Con Trailer
The battle between DC Comics films and Marvel Studios movies rages on. Lately, Warner Bros have been shifting their trailers around, hoping to build on the success of Wonder Woman, oddly, without showing more Wonder Woman in their Justice League trailers.... AND IT'S WORKING...inch by inch. Despite troubles surrounding their next Batman movie release, it's getting to the point where Batman V Superman is just something we don't talk about and the name MARTHA shall not cross the lips of hopeful DC loyalists. Stands to reason WB would want to put out a strong Justice League trailer for Comic-Con...and they did just that!

See? More Wonder Woman. Actually, marketing this film as if it were Wonder Woman 2 would not be the stupidest idea!

Now here's the funny part.

We know Superman "died" in the last film that shall not be named. In the Dark Knight comic (which that films borrows greatly from), Batman does the dying but has faked his own death so the world can go on without him out there, publicly...doing what he does, I suppose. All signs point to this being the case in Justice League, but with Superman. More than one cast member has now stated Superman fans will be happy with the movie, with one big cast member with long hair straight up saying he lives he's coming back, most likely in the finale of the film to drive fans berserk. If you've been watching the toy lines, most of them have included Superman in the mix, but we've learned not to trust the toy designs 100%, so no one could be blamed for not giving that fact any weight. Still...

Hot Toys Justice League Movie Cosbaby Figures

Now the real question is...will we get a Green Lantern cameo at the end of the movie? Maybe after credits..the world is still smoldering from battle and the Lanterns show up a liiiiittle too late? Place your bets!

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