Monday, November 12, 2018

Prepare Your Brains for PIG EAT BALL

Pig Eat Ball video game on STEAM
Let me introduce Pig Eat Ball –the multi-awarded delirious pixel-art 2D arcade puzzle-maze game in which eating and barfing become your natural way of interacting with the environment...just like America.

Eat, Fight, Solve, and Barf your way through hundreds of action-packed levels in the colossal, story-filled world of PIG EAT BALL! Eat all the balls in a level to win, but if you get so fat you get stuck, you'll have to barf to squeeze through! King Cake has decreed whomever can win his contest will marry his daughter! --But SHE has other ideas! As Princess Bow, take back your fate by winning the contest yourself. The contest spans King Cake's massive Space Station Kingdom containing Five GIANT Worlds, each brimming with fun to discover! 

After making a half-dozen games about guns and killing monsters such as Serious Sam DD XXL and Shoot 1UP, PIG EAT BALL started as an idea to create a game with a new gameplay mechanic. Something not about killing--if that's even possible-- but something original and fun. Starting in 2013, a year of prototyping went into discovering the primary action-puzzle mechanic of "eat, get fat, get stuck, barf" in the game. Over two more years of work has been spent, fleshing out all possible gameplay mechanics associated with this ability to create the giant game, which is PIG EAT BALL.


  • Help PRINCESS BOW in a GRAND ADVENTURE: win KING CAKE's crazed contest and take control of her future!
  • ORIGINAL Barf-centric gameplay: Get bigger as you eat. Barf to squeeze down to size.
  • HUNDREDS of Levels: Original, hand-crafted action-puzzle levels in ADVENTURE mode, each level carefully layering on new abilities and skills.
  • Loads of New Gameplay: Each of the WEIRD worlds has unique gameplay. Come EXPLORE Sushi Gardens, Sports Barena, Outer Courts and more.
  • Discover special DISGUISES: Hidden throughout the game, each disguise changes your look and also ENHANCES your abilities.
  • 4-Player Party mode: Outrageous game modes like BEER BASH, SCRUB FLOORS, SAMMICH STACKER, and much more.
  • LEVEL EDITOR + SHARING: Excellent, easy-to-use, integrated level editor. Build devious levels then share with friends.

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