Friday, January 25, 2019

Toy Fair 2019: PhatMojo Embraces the Fear with IT

Let's take a moment to appreciate IT and what it did for horror fans and film makers world wide. Never again will a Hollywood executive be able to look down on horror films as low brow or cast them into a "genre" closet. IT made so much money, every studio has stood up to take notice, and you'd better believe they are putting horror films on their yearly schedule. PhatMojo also took notice of the massive popularity of IT, among horror fans and every day movie goers alike, and answered the call with an excellent rage of collectibles the movie deserves.

Pictures by Mat Hawkins of Of Course Collectibles

SORRY! PhatMojo has asked us to remove the images we shot, with permission, at UK Toy Fair. These things happen, as Toy Fair is a stressful time and wires get crossed. We'll have new images for you soon.

PhatMojo's toy lineup includes:

Collectible Hangers
Those clippy things you can dangle off your keychain or backpack

Blind Box Mini Figures
Don't be freaked out by the "Big Mouth-esque" art used in this shot. Seems it was just done for the catalog. The art on the side of the case shows figures much like the hangers.

Sewer Slime
Pretty fun concept here as you crack open a red "balloon" and out pours black slime wrapped around a character head and an accessory.

5 Inch Vinyl Figures
These are going on my MUST BUY list! Love the art style. It really suits the character's personalities. SADDEST GEORGIE EVERRRR!!

5 Inch Action Figures
These will also be at the top of my hunting list. We've only got mock ups to drool over for now, but the designs look adequately terrifying!

Collectible Figure Packs
Perhaps PVC figures in these sets? We've got no intel on the scale yet, so keep watching for further news.

Collectible Plush Assortment
A lovely range of child eating clowns to cuddle with and, of course, a Georgie for his late night snack.

18 Inch Jumbo Plush Pennywise
When your evil clown needs require more terror per square inch.

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