Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Toy Fair 2020: McFarlane's Doom, My Hero Academia, Mortal Kombat & More! *UPDATED 1/29*

Toy Fair 2020 UK Bandai UK on McFarlane Toys
In what some would call the most exciting year for McFarlane Toys in some time, Bandai UK took the reigns on distribution across the pond. In 2019, McFarlane cranked out new lines for Harry Potter, Mortal Kombat, Doom, Game of Thrones and My Hero Academia, and rolled right into 2020 with a stellar lineup for their new DC Comics license. In short, MCFARLANE HAS COME TO PLAY!! With upcoming further releases in the Anime, Harry Potter and Fortnite lines, the return of Movie Maniac and more, US Toy Fair is sure to be an awesome showing. Soooo...what did we spot at UK Toy Fair?

Sadly, Bandai UK were less than inviting on the Toy Fair floor, but we were able to spot some new releases and will do our best to lay them out.

In the DC Comics figure area, all was from the currently released figure wave, with the exception of a Batman sporting the light blue and grey outfit with a yellow belt and a very super friends-esque symbol on his chest. This looked like a basic color change for the Detective Batman figure. You'll find the same color change in the Batman Animated figure as well.

Toy Fair 2020 UK Bandai UK on McFarlane Toys DC Comics Classic Batman

DOOM saw two colorways of their Doom Slayer action figure in 2019; Bronze and the standard Green armor. It looks like our monster killers will soon have a monster to kill in the form of the horned Marauder.

Toy Fair 2020 UK Bandai UK on McFarlane Toys DOOM Marauder

We've had an excellent run of Mortal Kombat figures from McFarlane thus far, with Johnny Cage and Raiden joining Sub-Zero and Scorpion. So who's next? How about SPAWN!!! I'll give you a minute to do a happy dance. It's been more than a hot minute since we last got an awesomely sculpted Spawn action figure that had enough articulation to make modern toy fans grin from ear to fact it has only happened twice before...if you count the same figure in a different package with a different head. Now, just as Spawn joined Mortal Kombat 11, he'll join his battling plastic brothers on the toy pegs and, no doubt, be more than just an awesome looking statue!

Toy Fair 2020 UK Bandai UK on McFarlane Toys Mortal Kombat 11 Spawn

Toy Fair 2020 McFarlane Mortal Kombat Spawn Action Figure

My Hero Academia is still a hot topic among Anime fans as well as cartoon fans who can just appreciate a great story. There have been some awesome looking My Hero figures across the Asian markets, so when McFarlane took on the license, they had MIGHTY shoes to fill. Aside from some small scale gripes (mainly that All Might should have been MASSIVE), it seemed fans loved the line enough to warrant a series 2! The next wave of U.A. High School students will include Ochaco Uraraka, Eijiro Kirishima and Shoto Todoroki.

Toy Fair 2020 UK Bandai UK on McFarlane Toys My Hero Academia

We've also gotten word that Skyrim will be getting action figures of some sort...and maybe a monster...proooobably a dragon! We'll also note that McFarlane is teasing their 2020 licenses and has added Warhammer 40k and Critical Role to their already packed action figure lineups. We'll soon see the lot!

Toy Fair 2020 McFarlane Elder Scrolls Skyrim Dragon Alduin Action Figure 01

Toy Fair 2020 McFarlane Elder Scrolls Skyrim Dragon Alduin Action Figure 01

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