Tuesday, February 8, 2022

MONDO's Exclusive Pressings of HUGO and CLUE Vinyl Soundtracks

MONDO Exclusive Clue movie soundtrack

We love being part of this fantastic soundtrack community, and highlighting and promoting other labels is something we genuinely love and cherish. And we are especially proud of our distributed titles program.

If you are unfamiliar (or new here), we distribute records by many labels we love (often in exclusive colorways), trying to support and promote labels and folks we admire. For 2022, we have decided to highlight one label per month in our newsletter and let them tell you what makes them unique.

Kicking this off are our friends at ENJOY THE RIDE. We are huge fans of what Ross and Michelle have achieved and are thrilled to not only be restocking several titles from their back catalog this week, but also carrying exclusive Mondo colorways for both CLUE and HUGO.

We asked ETR to tell us (and you) about themselves: "Enjoy The Ride Records is a Long Island-based record label formed in 2008 by Licensing Manager & President Ross Shotland that creates and reissues albums throughout a variety of genres on uniquely colorful vinyl and cassette, as well as some digital titles. In 2015, the sub-label Enjoy The Toons was created, focusing on family-friendly soundtracks. Michele Kaufman, Operations Manager, joined the staff as the business began to grow.

In 2020, ETR Media was formed in partnership with Vinegar Syndrome to release high-quality, limited edition Blu-Ray releases. Most of the titles released by the label are guilty pleasures of our own that we would like to have on vinyl. We love music and films, and having the ability to help create pieces of art that are audibly and visually pleasing is a pretty cool gig."

- Ross & Michele, 2022.

As always, titles will hit The Mondo Record Shop on Wednesday, 2/9 at 12PM CT.

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP - Music by Howard Shore.
Pressed on 180 Gram Gold & Silver Split Vinyl. Edition of 300.

MONDO Exclusive Hugo movie soundtrack

Music from the Paramount Motion Picture LP - Music by John Morris.
Pressed on 180 Gram Black & White Split Vinyl. Edition of 300.

MONDO Exclusive Clue movie soundtrack

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