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Segura and Hart's Prohibition Era Comic Series Blood Oath

Comixology Originals Blood Oath
Comixology Originals announces Blood Oath, a Prohibition Era horror comic series co-written by acclaimed novelists Rob Hart and Alex Segura. With art by Joe Eisma, colors by Hilary Jenkins, letters by Jim Campbell, and edited by Heather Antos, Blood Oath #1 (of 5) debuts on August 30th from Amazon’s Comixology Originals exclusive digital content line.

“Blood Oath is a blend of some of our favorite things, in terms of story and genre - historical fiction, the early days of organized crime, and horror - all things we wanted to explore, and they blended together perfectly to ask a key question: what if there was a secret, monstrous crime family that’s been part of the underworld for decades?” Segura said.

Hart and Segura, both comic fans, first co-authored the digital short “Bad Beat”. Now, combining their talents in their first comic series together, Hart and Segura introduce Hazel Crenshaw, a strong-willed, self-sufficient young woman making her way in 1922 during the height of Prohibition. Hazel just wants to be left alone to tend to her farm, care for her younger sister, and run her business, but her secret business becomes inescapably tangled up with the New York gangs that eventually coalesce into the mafia, and a new, unknown partner. When her farm on Staten Island is attacked, Hazel must not only defend her home, she must cope with the realization that her flirtation with the other side of the law might also put her in the crosshairs of something else—something much more sinister.

“It's always been a dream of mine to write a comic book, but coming from novels, it's like learning a whole new language,” said Hart. “I was incredibly lucky to work with Alex, Joe, and the rest of the team, who helped guide me through the process and learn the fundamentals. Alex and I first started working on this years ago, and it's incredible watching it come together, piece by piece. I can't wait for people to read it.” 

Comixology Originals Blood Oath

Comixology Originals Blood Oath

Segura continued, “Rob and I have been cooking up this story for a long time, and we found the perfect artistic partner in Joe, who I’ve worked with numerous times as a writer and editor over the years. He’s passionate and super-talented. We’re excited for readers to meet Hazel, Walt, Geraldine and the entire Blood Oath crew. Who knows if they’ll survive!”

Hart and Segura cull from their crime writing backgrounds to tell a high-octane blood-filled story that will have you thirsty for every issue.

“I’m so excited for folks to read Blood Oath!," exclaims artist Joe Eisma. "This is a comic unlike anything I’ve ever drawn, and I’m so proud of the world Alex, Rob and I have created. I had a blast drawing this time period and the outfits and styles of that era for these characters. I hope readers will enjoy the book and see the excitement and love that went into creating it.”

Comixology Originals Blood Oath 01

Comixology Originals Blood Oath 01

August 30th also marks the launch of the second season of The Black Ghost—the gritty crime comic book series about a masked activist fighting for the soul of her city—by co-writers Alex Segura and Monica Gallagher, artist George Kambadais, colorist Ellie Wright, letterer Taylor Esposito, and editor Greg Lockard.

The Black Ghost: Shame the Devil, collecting Season Two issues #1-5, will arrive in print from Dark Horse Books January 3, 2023. The Black Ghost Volume 1 is available everywhere books are sold.

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