Wednesday, September 21, 2022

90's Marvel Universe Card Art Returns

Game Office Marvel Universe Nano Puzzle Thor

Sensing the immense love fans are giving anything that calls back to their very geeky childhoods, European company Game Office is releasing a series of "Nano Puzzles" featuring art from the 90's Marvel Universe card series from Impel. For those who don't go ham on collectibles of any sort, I'll clue you in that over the Covid shut down, and still (largely) today, the market on most 80's vintage toy lines went through the roof, along with several card series that were very nearly worthless prior to this bump. Impel's first series Marvel Universe card series got a significant kick in the pants and still remains in the triple digits for a complete set, with holograms. Most likely noticing this trend, licensors are taking full advantage!

Game Office's Nano Puzzles boast 500 pieces and measurements of 31.3 x 22.3 cm = 12.32 x 8.78 inches. A quick search didn't yield any results for a Game Office website or any hint that these puzzles are already getting a release stateside, but we'll keep watching! For now, here's the eye candy.

Game Office Marvel Universe Nano Puzzle Captain America

Game Office Marvel Universe Nano Puzzle Hulk

Game Office Marvel Universe Nano Puzzle Spider-Man

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