Monday, October 3, 2011

Doctor Who Toys Celebrate the Beginning and The End

Geeks across the United States took in the season finale of Doctor Who this weekend and then went straight to Twitter to spoil it for everyone else. For shame. Since we are all geeks, we thought we'd help you celebrate as only a geek can...with PURCHASES!! What better way to show our love and commemorate a moment than to buy toys of our favorite characters and hug them like they are the child we will never have! Here's a quick rundown of figures you can hunt down which are either already released or will be released soon which will allow you to relive your favorite Whotastic episodes. Follow along closely, as the Brits can't make their numbering system as simple as 1, 2, 3...

Eleventh Doctor (from Series 5 of the show and up for the newbs) action figures from Underground Toys


Wave 1A:
Eleventh Doctor with Cowboy Hat
Silent 1 (mouth closed)
Silent 2 (mouth open)
Young Amy Pond

Wave 1B:
Silent 1 (mouth closed)
Silent 2 (mouth open)
Eleventh Doctor with Cowboy Hat
Eleventh Doctor with beard and wearing straight jacket
Uncle (with staff and swappable head)
Idris (with Psychic Containers)

Wave 1C:
Eleventh Doctor (with Beard Action!)
Cyberman (face damaged..tho oddly its not)
Cyberman (chest damaged and open Cyberman head)
A swarm of 20 Cybermats!!
Peg Soldier

Series 6 Wave 2A:
Eleventh Doctor (with Flesh mask!)
Uncle (with Fleshhhhh and swapable head)
Idris (with psychic containers)
Astronaut ( head? I'm not up on all the episodes.)
River Song (with blaster weapon and Flesh mask!)
Ganger Doctor (with gooey head and hands!)
(Wave 2B is pretty much the same wave..not sure why they did this)
(Wave 2C adds a Cyberman with Flesh mask. Uncle and Idris not in this case.)

Point of fact, Underground was FLESH CRAZY this year and made more than a couple of goo related items. Among them were the Flesh Goo Pod; a Tardis shaped box filled with goop and random body parts! Another was the Flesh Bowl Figure Creator, which oddly has nothing to do with pleasuring yourself. Not everything with the word Flesh in it is dirty now. This set allows you to make a jiggly Doctor Ganger figure with a sort of Weapon X chamber which ozzes flesh over a bio-frame. I wonder if cherry jello works as well. Or OJ? You can have a fun time with a Doctor on a stick!

We'll also give you a look at the adorkable items you can't say no to. The first is a bump and go Cybermat. Sadly, it doesn't bear it's oh-so-cute teeth of doom, but it does wiggle its butt as it rolls along!

Next we have a set of talking plush including the Tardis (with a light up top), 2 different Daleks and a Cyberman. Plush phrases include but are not limited to:
TARDIS - Materialization Sound
Cyberman - "You will become like us or you will be deleted."; "Upgrading is compulsory."
Daleks - "Exterminate, exterminate!"; "You would make a good Dalek."

Finally, Forbidden Planet gets the exclusive on these Doctor Who costume T shirts, allowing you to seamlessly blend into Time Lord gatherings or Cyberman Hoe-downs. Be amazed.

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