Friday, October 14, 2011

NYCC: Day 1 Kicked My Ass, But We've Got Hasbro and Mattel!

But I do it out of love, so my butt will survive. Conni, my second unit photographer is a freaking rock star and has turned in over a thousand pics. She may have shot more than me today. SHOCKER. I am humbled and ashamed. Got home a bit late and had to do the dump and sorting first, but we've battled through the pain and posted a few choice folders to the Flickr. Here's the skinny...
It all started with an (admittedly) rather pathetic exclusives selection you'll find at the bottom of the pile. I blame the companies for making exclusives and not telling anyone about them, but I was just lazy about it. CLICK HERE for the NYCC overview with separate folders for the most awesome of those exclusives. This should also be the link you bookmark, as it gives you an aerial view of the show.

Hasbro may have showed a ton of new toys at San Diego Comic Con, but that doesn't mean they hit the big apple without premium plastics at the ready. I managed to get an awesome viewpoint of those figures you wanted a closer look at from the Marvel Universe line as well as pretty zooms of the new Marvel Legends including Daken, Madam Masque, Thunderball, Fantomex, Bucky Captain America, Arnim Zola and more! We also found an 8 inch Destroyer to tower over your Thor as well as a Frost Giant to knock around, and the stars of the case...THE AVENGERS! This grouping includes your first really good look at Hulk, who seems a bit bland in action figure form. Still, I'm sure I'll love every second of screen time he gets.

Also booted up for New york Comic Con 2011 coverage is Hasbro Star Wars, which I hear includes more than a couple of items that mysteriously disappeared from the cases, and Hasbro's amazing G.I. Joe figures and multi-packs that I can't stop raving about. DREADNOKS MULTI PACK!! SLAUGHTER'S MARAUDERS MULTI PACK!!! The geeky mind spins.

I had just enough awake time to squeeze out two folders for Mattel including DC Universe Classics, 2 packs and METRON, the first of those subscription figures along side the long awaited Larfleeze action figure!! Stop paying 100 bucks for that DC Direct one on ebay, kids!! Before I collapsed into a heap, I launched the WWE folder so you can get your testosterone driven he-man fix. You're welcome.

WANT MORE?? Well fuck, you should have been watching my Twitter this morning!! Go get em.

Thanks to Matt Booker for ridiculous conversation, Conni & Dave for awesome back up and Zach Oat for having wonderful old timey mutton chops. More tomorrow!!

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