Friday, October 28, 2011

Zombies Devour Asbury Park, NJ

We watch the films and laugh at the gore, knowing this sort of thing would never happen to us...until THIS SORT OF THING HAPPENS TO US!!! This past weekend, the sleepy sea side town of Asbury Park was completely over-run by drooling, grunting, shambling undead hordes who seemed less interested in cracking open the craniums of the local populace and more into hitting vendors selling creepy goods, watching top notch entertainment, meeting the undead stars of their favorite TV shows and films and most importantly, just being themselves on a beautiful October day! Over 12 thousand re-animated Americans hit the Undead Festival and we survived to tell the tale and came home with a flash card over flowing with images of the most polite zombie rampage ever recorded. For the full story, hit up DREAD CENTRAL ! To dive straight into the images, just CLICK HERE!

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