Monday, October 22, 2012

..And This Is Why We Write For Women

..As well as the stereotypical "Fanboy". Here are some interesting numbers from New York Comic Con 2012, pertaining to who did the most chatting in social settings about the mega show...

Stats courtesy of SO..I officially laugh at any toy company still avoiding making those female characters into action figures, Mattel for not displaying new Monster High dolls on the show floor at New York Comic Con, Hasbro for only featuring an "artistic" display for My Little Pony at their NYCC press event..and not letting anyone know about the actual My Little Pony event happening on another night ..and, just in general, any short sighted fool not selling their geek items directly to women, who quite honestly, are  willing to pay MORE for quality nerdwares than men are. Stick that in your pie chart.

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