Monday, October 15, 2012

The Carrie Teaser Trailer

It was a mere day ago that I banged out a description of the Carrie teaser trailer on my teeny, tiny cell keyboard seconds after seeing it at New York Comic Con 2012...and now, as if to say ALL YOUR GOOD WORKS WERE FOR NAUGHT!! ..Sony has released that very same teaser to Yahoo! Movies!! Bastards. CommingSoon tipped us off and now, we can show you the blazing glory that is the coming of a mentally unbalanced Chloe Moretz!! Let's watch...

While interviewing cast and crew, we were told this story is as much a sort of "Genesis of a Super Being" story as it is the telling of a seminal Stephen King tale ripped right from the pages rather than parroting the classic film. The horror is only there because that is how events unfold. Sometimes, the person of power is a well adjusted sort and upon coming into their gifts, they seek to spread the love and fly off to do good deeds. Sometimes, that individual has a somewhat more difficult upbringing and their gifts mirror the pain they feel inside. What happens next can only lead to chaos and destruction. More on that soon!

For now, give Carrie a call - 207-404-2604

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