Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Evil Dead Trailer!

The best horror trailer I've seen in a very long time has been leaked...as is the way of the interwebs! Take a look before it gets disappeared! Thanks to NuketheFridge for the scoop...
UPDATE: The Nuke the Fridge bootleg has been sacked. All responsible have fled the country. IGN has the goods though!

As you can see, the new film promises to be a meaner, crazier, more visceral animal. Bruce Campbell himself, when I inquired as to how violent the new film was going to be, asked me what I thought about a Nail Gun and a whooooole lot of nails? The trailer confirms an iconic possessed hand, plenty of demonic activity and even alludes to TREE RAPE!! What more could you ask for? Evil Dead promises to mirror those moments you love while presenting the entire experience in a whole new light. "Fucked Up" seems to have been the magic phrase while shooting! I can't wait for more.

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