Tuesday, October 18, 2016

NYCC 2016: Lily Vs LineCon

by Lily Stitches

Hi there, your friendly neighborhood sparkly cosplayer here with my coverage of NYCC on Friday!

It was my first day at the con, and my theme this year was "Cute but comfy!" So I put my hair in pigtails, did my makeup and threw on my Valentine Variant Harley Quinn Bootysuit by Booty and the Geek (check out the website at buttday.com). Luna put on her super adorable pink sparkly Batgirl cosplay and we were quite the pair! We admittedly took our time getting ready, because from our Facebook feeds we kept seeing our friends posting about the absurd line to get into the Javits Center. And we were not disappointed by said line. We rolled up at about 11:15, when in past years we could stroll right up and into the con, this year we were greeted by a swarm of people and NYCC volunteers hollering at everyone to get into the line. No questions just get into the line. We saw friends of ours who said they had been waiting for almost 2 hours. It moved, slowly but surely. And we finally got in around 12:30. We said good bye to our line buddy JR Cosplay who was cosplaying a horrifyingly accurate Zoom and went straight to the Block. Our senses were immediately overwhelmed with the music, the attendees screaming at each other, and the colorful booths of awesome surrounding us. We tried to move around more, but it was wall to wall people.

Luna and I then ventured down to the infamous Tunnel, where many photographers schedule appointments to shoot cosplayers of all skill sets. Just a couple of years ago, this was a cool secret spot to get some great photos...and now, as you may have guessed, it's just another place where it's just elbow to elbow geek. A huge problem this year was the photo sniping. Paid photographers would set up their subject just so to take a great photo, only to have that shot sniped by 10 others behind them. It was a huge point of frustration to my model and photographer friends.

After we did our shoots, we had to use the restrooms...to which we found more lines. Now, I hate to make this post about all of the lines... but that's what we found. Everywhere we turned was another 30 minute line. I will tell you right now, women's bathroom lines are literal hell, ESPECIALLY at New York Comic Con. You'll notice the men's bathroom line goes pretty quickly, but the ladies room lines are ridiculous. I'll tell you the #1 reason why. Because not all ladies believe "get in and get out" is a thing. It's one thing to fix a stray hair or to fix your look in the mirror, but if you see a 20 minute line of people behind you, make it quick. Don't stand in there gossiping with your buddies or even better.. spend 15 minutes putting your intricate cosplay on in a stall.

After the bathroom adventure Luna and I randomly met a man who had an adorable puppy dressed as Darth Vader, which obviously made LineCon SO MUCH BETTER...because.. well... PUPPY!! By this point, I was completely exhausted (you know from standing in all of those LINES) so I did a quick tour of the main dealers room where I gasped and gaped at the gorgeous Ghostbusters figures by Blitzway as well as trying to swim through the crowd to meet up with Luna so we could leave to get some actual food and then get ready for the first SonicBoomBox party.


So until next time I leave you with this:

-NYCC Friday = Linecon
-If you use the bathroom at NYCC hurry it up because it's no fun for anyone when they have to wait 10+ minutes to pee when there's lots more fun to be had.
-Don't snipe photos, it's not cool.

But aside from that.. I still love it.


  1. I am 100% guilty of photo shoot sniping. 9 times out of 10 i'm just roaming and if i see something that would make a good shot set up, I shoot it, regardless of who ever is already shooting it. If I see someone doing a private shoot away from everyone else, i don't go over.

  2. Actually commenting because it's asking if I want to comment as "stepfordtron 5000" which sounds like something I'd do.

    I like the dog.