Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Prepare For Bandai's Neko Busou: Cat Weapons

In a world with folks struggling to keep up with the non-stop deluge of super hero toys alongside the constant rain of movie inspired collectibles releasing every month, one company chose another path. Bandai Japan, ever cognizant of the needs of super collectors, providing them with a fantastic array of effects that compliment theirs and, really, the entire world's action figure releases, allowing them to stand amid fire and lighting and impact the ground like a super hero should, came to a startling discovery. We love cats, and yet, we don't arm them. That's about to change...

Introducing Neko Busou: Cat Weapons, a new plastic model series from Bandai that started as an April Fools joke, and became reality thanks to popular demand! Fans of mecha kits like Gunpla and Frame Arms who also have an affinity for cats will love these. Each cat figure is fully painted for you to weaponize to your heart's content.

There are four different cats in this series 1 set:

Grey: The fastest learner of weapons use. Prepares the food at gatherings and takes photos. Comes with a launcher mecha set.
Shiro (White): Uses weapons to fly through the air. Gives the other cats massages. Comes with a heli-mecha set.
Chatora (Orange Tabby): Uses weapons to move around with crawlers and floats around in drones. Comes with a tank mecha set.
Kuro (Black): Surprises people in the neighborhood with his new ways of using weapons. Is highly motivated. Comes with a jet mecha set.

Cat sculptor: Osamu Moriguchi
Armor designer: Kazuya Fukuda

Each cat comes equipped with a cat-specific military-style jacket (styled to look like cat carriers and cardboard boxes) to which you can attach a variety of armaments from other Neko Busou sets to create your own custom weaponized kitty! "Cat" figures are in 5cm tall. "Armors" can be assembled in mini machine as a standalone! All armors have 3mm joints and can be connected to each other freely.

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