Monday, May 28, 2018

SDCC 2018: Factory Entertainment Wonder Woman God Killer Sword Exclusive

SDCC 2018 Factory Entertainment Wonder Woman God Killer Sword Prop Replica 01
O Dam. Here we go. San Diego Comic Con is still a ways off, but with the weather getting warmer, it is surely time to start saving your pennies and crisp hundred dollar bills (y'all) for all those amazing exclusives!! Factory Entertainment fires the first shot with a weapon perfect for home defense in the bleak world of the DC Cinematic Universe...

Straight from Factory Entertainment:

Our Wonder Woman God Killer Sword Prop Replica was a tremendous success and sold out in record time. However, in celebration of San Diego Comic-Con, and as a service to our direct customers, we are making available, as an online-only convention exclusive, a second version of the sword, the Wonder Woman God Killer Sword Prop Replica-Polished Blade (Unweathered) Version.

SDCC 2018 Factory Entertainment Wonder Woman God Killer Sword Prop Replica 01

Copied directly from the original prop sword with exacting attention to detail, this stunning 30-inch heavy duty replica has a hand forged blade made from stainless steel and features Amazonian runic script on the fuller as seen on the actual sword. The high quality gold colored metal alloy hilt captures mirrored dragons biting into the blade with reptilian armor wrapping around the handle, ultimately resulting in the end of their tails creating a ridged pommel.

While the screen-used prop and our first replica featured an extensively weathered blade to suggest the great age of the God Killer, our convention exclusive version features a polished blade, suggesting the look that the God Killer would have had when newly forged.

Each replica includes a numbered display stand.

Limited to only 50 pieces!
As this Convention Exclusive is a weapon replica, it will not be available for in booth pickup and will not be sold at San Diego Comic-Con. This piece can only be shipped in the lower 48 contiguous United States.'s an SDCC exclusive but not really an SDCC exclusive. OK then! Pre-order ...right..meow. 

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