Friday, November 15, 2019

Demon Prince PSYCHOSEXUAL Covers Type O Negative's "Love You To Death"

Demon Prince PSYCHOSEXUAL Covers Type O Negative's "Love You To Death"
Crank up the volume and turn up the heat, because devil-masked German music star Psychosexual is ready to set fans’ souls afire with the U.S. debut of two addictive new songs and accompanying videos featuring hardcore superstars Joanna Angel and Luna Star.

Sporting his trademark demon visage of crimson prosthetic makeup and protruding black horns, Psychosexual riffs on his underworld image in “The Devil’s Music (Rock ‘n Roll)”; the tongue-in-cheek video opens on a high school dance as the singer takes to the gym floor and invites revelers to “throw up your horns and rock with me”.

The magnetic Miss Star plays a seductive temptress in red latex for video’s big-budget psycho circus, which also features the jaw-dropping acrobatic stylings of Las Vegas troupe Jabbawockeez and roller skating stunt duo Emily and Billy England from Absinthe.

In the second single, a cover of Type O Negative’s ‘90s classic “Love You To Death”, Psychosexual beautifully channels the haunting vocals of dearly departed Peter Steele as he sings of “the beast inside of me” to video co-star Joanna Angel.

“The chance to work with family in a creative situation is something I always wanted to do,” said the singer. “Psychosexual is doing something that is an homage to ‘80s but with a modern twist. I think there’s a big audience out there for people that love over-the-top characters and sexy fun music.”

Hailing from the Kassel-Hesse region of Germany, the former Luka van der Heyde has already amassed a loyal army of hardcore fans in Europe since his underground club days in 2017; he’s set to release a new album, a series of music videos and a mini-film to appease his faithful followers. Now Psychosexual is opening up his talents to a worldwide audience.

While Psychosexual has kept his identity on the down-low while working on his music, rock fans’ sleuthing has uncovered a familial connection between the singer and former Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer, rumored to be a co-writing and producing his talented cousin’s music. The singer defers on the subject, choosing instead to let his music speak for itself.

This vid is NOT safe for work, so turn down that volume!

Psychosexual is planning a U.S. tour and is set to release more singles in the coming year. His music is available now through Spotify, SoundCloud, iHeart Radio, Apple Music and other leading premium streaming services.

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