Friday, September 3, 2021

Vault Boy Bloody Mess Technicolor Variant

Vault Boy Bloody Mess Technicolor Variant

Following the success of the colored Mr Sandman Mini Statue, another Gruesome Death gets a limited “living color” update at the Bethesda Gear Store. Introducing the Fallout Bloody Mess Technicolor Variant! This bright but morbid feast for the eyes retails at $40 USD, now available for pre-order. It’s a limited production of only 200 pieces, ready to ship in December 2021.

A loud bang. An explosion of blood. A pair of disembodied legs staggering back. It’s enough to send chills down this poor fella’s exposed spine. But if you’re like Vault Boy over here, you’ll take time to enjoy this moment.

Produced in a limited quantity of only 200 pieces, this special collectible lets Fallout fans experience the Bloody Mess perk – which triggers dramatically violent kill animations – as a brightly-colored mini statue. The technicolor treatment sets it apart from the monochrome palette it first appeared with.

Vault Boy stands in for the player, wearing a satisfied smile while pointing a pistol at a very unfortunate fellow Vault-dweller. It’s a callback to the perk’s in-game icon, also seen at the end of Vault-Tec’s Luck video.

Vault Boy Bloody Mess Technicolor Variant

The bright red splash of blood offers a nice contrast to the bright white spine poking out of it. The vibrant blue and yellow of Vault-Tec’s jumpsuits are also on prominent display. The base of the statue is designed to look like wooden floorboards.

Vault Boy Bloody Mess Technicolor VariantVault Boy Bloody Mess Technicolor Variant

The Fallout Vault Boy Bloody Mess Technicolor Variant is now available at $40 USD. Visit the Bethesda Gear Store to pre-order yours before all 200 pieces are sold out.

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