Monday, September 19, 2011

Hasbro Lets Loose the Sentinel You Crave

Yes, my geek this internet age, moaning gets you everything you desire. In this particular case though, I believe sales may have had something to do with it as well. Though they may try and convince us that children are buying the Marvel Universe line, the fact that the oddly colored (modern) Sentinel has been collecting dust at retail says something..and it is saying it LOUDLY. To answer this whiny, lisping, dorky siren's call, Hasbro has announced the coming of the SDCC paint job Sentinel at retail!! Online retailers already have this badboy on pre-order for December, no doubt timed to give a healthy bump to Seasonal Sales Numbers as we frantically army build with the greatest Sentinel figure to date. Now, before you go and say I am cheating on my favorite army builder ever (the Marvel Legends build-a-figure Sentinel), I will state that while I love the paint job and design more than the current version's design, you really can't beat a giant talking, light up Sentinel for 60 bucks, which will no doubt be on sale sometime during the Holiday season (at which point I may buy 10 of them. Don't judge me. I have a problem.) Plus...honestly, it is all we've got. Would I have freaked out if they'd announced they were taking the BAF mold and adding in the electronics? HELL YES. That figure is a masterpiece with articulated fingers and a ton of posability, excellent paints and even bendy tendrils you can plug into his hands to capture that mutant menace terrorizing the kindly human folks at Starbucks. This "new" version reuses a lot of Galactus's parts which translated to the same clunky hands and on a sillier level, a belly button in his robot guts. ~sigh~ I could also gripe that even though the SDCC colors match the classic look, the design does not, so I'd expect the demand for the BAF will be stronger than ever.

For a nice pile of San Diego Comic Con images from Hasbro's Marvel Universe line, Click HERE!

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