Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Hunt for Stolen Superman Items

Newsarama and some other geek-inclined websites are reporting on the horrible tale of Mike Meyer, a 48 yr old mentally disabled gentleman who was duped and robbed by a man calling himself "Gary". This prize winning douchebag of the millennium befriended Mike and after hearing about his colossal collection of Superman comics and collectibles, set into motion a scheme that left poor Mike without even a cape to call his own. All told, 1,800 Superman comic books and another 5k in collectibles turned up missing. If you could spare a moment, please put out word to friends and owners of comic shops, pawn shops, etc. Mike lives in the Granite City, Illinois area, but really, this stuff could turn up anywhere online, so the more we plaster the internet with this info, the quicker we'll catch this lowlife. "Gary" is a 35 yr old loser (or looks it..that's looks 35..and looks like a loser no doubt) with dark hair and a goatee, driving a silver or grey car.

Here's my promise. If this guy isn't found and Mike doesn't recover his treasures, I'll send him every Superman I own. Count on it. I'm posting this on my blog so that if you should hear a follow up on the story that isn't favorable, please let me know and Mike will get an awesome box for Christmas.

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