Thursday, September 15, 2011

Whedon Rocks Comic Shop Shelves

If you only watch the main stream press, the entire month belongs to DC's new 52. If you keep your ear as close as is humanly possible to that giant, ornate wooden doorway leading to the Whedonverse, then you know yesterday was NEW BUFFY DAY!! Buffy Season 9: Issue 1 and Angel and Faith Issue 1 hit stores hard and fast, picking up the pieces after the earth shattering events of Season 8 in a world that may never be the same again. Luckily, it's Joss's world and that will ALWAYS mean heaps of sarcasm, quick wit, brooding, emotional torment and a polite splash of the red stuff to kick things off. It's everything a Whedonite could wish for, and it's on sale NOW! Run over to DREAD CENTRAL for my thoughts on the two premiere books and then get to a comic shop to score your books today!

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