Thursday, September 8, 2011

DC's New 52 : O.M.A.C. the TECHNO HULK!!

New comic book day has come and gone and now you all can decide for yourselves which of DC's New 52 books rule and which revamps just aren't doing it for you. I weighed in with my thoughts on all but two of the books I didn't have access to in a massive 5 page review spread at The Beat! Here's my thoughts on the bastard child of Kirby we know as O.M.A.C....

In my years of attending comic book conventions and talking to hardcore fans, I have noticed one universal constant. If you say the name “Kirby”, you will see a giant sized, child like grin appear. Jack Kirby’s art style launched a thousand imaginations and even today, amid millions of comic books world wide, is unmistakable. It is with a love for this style and an almost mischievous desire to send us hurtling back to our youth that DC Comics allowed a book like O.M.A.C. be made and exist in the same core universe as your favorite heroes. This comic is INSANELY fun. If the art style itself doesn’t have you dorking out immediately, then the content will surely knock you out of your seat, or at least force you to draw attention to yourself as you attempt to read quietly on the train. Yes…they have invented a comic that forces your geek to the surface for all to see. Beware. Dan DiDio recently described the title character as a “Techo Hulk” and I couldn’t think of a more perfect description. When Brother Eye sets this raging monster with the glowing Mohawk on a target, things get pummeled very quickly. When the target is Cadmus, prepare for some resistance. This book is loud, striking, ridiculous, retro and hysterical all at once. I can’t think of a comic more ready to be turned into an 8 bit side scrolling video game. I’m in 100%.

I mentioned very quickly a conversation with Dan DiDio and now you can see the bulk of it for yourself!

DC's New 52 : Dan DiDio talks OMAC by Nomadixxx

Need more coaxing? DC has dished out plenty of eye candy too! ENJOY!

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