Saturday, March 16, 2013

Big Chief's Sherlock Heads

When making the ultimate collectible for a much beloved series of any sort, you can start 1 of 2 ways. One would be to begin with the basics like accessories essential to the character...get all that minutia filled in to get the fans salivating and then wow them with the full reveal proclaiming YOUR toy is the BEST toy in the verse and no other toy is worthy to stand next to it. Another road would be to show off the hardest bit of a 12 inch action figure first, for the approval and comments of those die hard fans, so you are assured they are in love by the time you show off a perfectly fitting outfit and all the little bits packed along with it. In the case of a 12 inch action figure, the hardest bit is always the head, as nailing the likeness of a human being is more an art than anything else. Big Chief always seems to go the second route and today, continue that fine tradition with the reveal of the heads for their Sherlock 12 inch action figures at the Birmingham Memorabilia show this weekend.

Not only are they giving uber-nerds a chance to pick apart their work on facebook with the goal of perfecting these pieces, but the brave bastards have placed them in public so those same super-dorks can harangue them in person, shaking them by their shirt collars as they screech "DEAR GOD....THE FRONT OF HIS HAIR IS NOT LONG ENOUGH!!!" Such is the cost of fame.

Be sure to keep watching Big Chief Studios for updates and the eventual pre-order of our favorite BBC Detective...or just stay glued to Idle Hands and we'll give you a shout when it is time to throw money.

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