Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mechs Marching Toward PAX

Meteor Entertainment™ and Adhesive Games™ are boxing up swag, computers, and a giant 8-foot mech to travel across the country and back again in support of HAWKEN at PAX East and GDC.

This year at PAX East, HAWKEN will be playable in the Meteor Entertainment booth 1080. Visitors will also be able to play HAWKEN at Asus in booth 762, Logitech in booth 1056, and at Machinima in booths 613 & 712. Attendees can sign up to play HAWKEN with our friends at Gunnar in booth 374, NVIDIA in booth 862; and don’t forget to purchase your HAWKEN swag including shirts, posters and more at We Love Fine in booth 593.

Immediately from Boston the mechs will be loading up and marching back across the continent to San Francisco where they land at the Moscone Center for GDC. Meteor and Adhesive are honored to announce that HAWKEN is a recipient of the GDC 2013 “Best in Play” award as judged by a panel of veteran GDC organizers and Gamasutra editors.  HAWKEN will be playable for those in attendance in the GDC Play area at kiosks 18 and 47. Don’t forget to attend the Rixty Panel Thursday at 11AM in Room 3018 in the West Hall. Mark Long, CEO of Meteor Entertainment, will be joining the panel discussing Launching Games in Emerging Markets.

For a complete HAWKEN schedule during PAX East be sure to visit www.playhawken.com/PAXEast2013 and for GDC visit www.playhawken.com/GDC2013

HAWKEN creates an intense and enjoyable battle experience that captures the feeling of piloting a heavy war machine while keeping the action fast-paced and strategic. The game brings the quality of a AAA title to the free-to-play sector.  HAWKEN’s back-story will start to be revealed in the upcoming original graphic novel HAWKEN: GENESIS as a part of its transmedia approach. More components of the transmedia will be released in the future revealing more and more of the HAWKEN story; who are these fighters and what are they fighting for.

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