Sunday, March 10, 2013

Our Plastic Friends: Marvel Select Rhino

Welcome to the first edition of Our Plastic Friends, where we check out a new toy and make you want it so bad, you hate us for it. It's a calling.

Diamond Select/ Marvel Select have had a 7 inch scaled action figure license for Marvel Comics for some time now. The sculpts are excellent, the paints are clean and plentiful and the quality is top notch. If there was one thing I could point out with this line that we DO continually moan about is the character choice. After all, we've got Hasbro cranking out endless numbers of Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America action figures...WE DON'T NEED NO MO!! There's also a matter of a 6 inch scale most of us toy obsessed folks have been collecting for years, so while we don't need 7 inch standard sized heroes and villains, we do welcome gargantuan monsters and overly pumped up, roid ragin humans who look like they can swallow up our heroes in one gulp. Give us giant sized Marvel characters and we'll just throw our money at you as we pass..all day long. THIS is where Marvel Select slides in like an 8 foot ninja with no smoke bombs.

Rhino is the newest addition to the Marvel Select collection of big honkin baddies, and what he lacks in useful articulation blocked by massive muscles and the power to stop looking up, he more than makes up for in size, sculpt and attitude. Point of fact, this Rhino figure is so on point and hyper-realistic, you'll come to realize just how ridiculous his outfit is!'s like he's sporting animal jammies. No wonder Spider-Man can't help but verbally take him apart unmercifully during every encounter.

Will he tower over your 6 inch Spider-Man action figures? Check.
Can he stand toe to toe with The Thing and The Hulk and still look menacing? Double Check.
Can he do all this and still keep his balance? BIG FAT CHECK! It's sad this is a point we have to make, but I've got an old school Toy Biz Juggernaut that has to stand like a fucking gorilla because his upper torso is so freakishly huge and his joints are far too loose. Balance is absolutely a buying point. I'd also like to note that the look on his face is as iconic as you can get without being so damn GRRR he looks like his teeth might shatter under the force of his mighty clenched jaws. Again, something to be applauded.

Marvel Select Rhino is on stores NOW. Hit up your local comic shop or CLICK HERE to scoop him up for $20 and change at Amazon!

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  1. LOVE the new feature!!! I collect the Marvel Diamond Select line and I agree with everything you wrote about Rhino ... keep these coming!