Friday, June 28, 2013

Scientist Killjoys Teach The Realities of Super Powers

Folks like to interject reality into comic book movies to make the situations and characters more relatable. It worked..for a little while..til those situations and characters got long winded and reality proved to be a major downer. It's how we got a Bane who sounds like the cross between a snarky Bond bad guy and the old prospector in an ancient western. Let's face it...if we wanted reality in our comic books...we wouldn't be reading about buff guys and buxom gals in tights, would we? Now, TED-Ed looks to squash our dreams of waking up one sunny day with super speed, flight, invisibility, strength, immortality, and body mass ( YOU dream of body mass??!!) with a series of videos exploring the realities one wold face if granted these powers. Are they complete creeps for destroying our childhood dreams? Indeed. Are the videos highly educational? Yes. Very interesting if you are nerd inclined, as I am. Hit the jump and take a look...and try not to sob out loud...

Note: Rather than post all the vids, at the tail end of the first there is a menu to select the others. You weren't going to do real work on a Friday anyway, were you? We didn't think so.

Each short explores the scientific fallacies of six superpowers -- speed, strength, invisibility, body mass, immortality and flight -- with voice over work done by none other than James Arnold Taylor, the voice of Fred Flinstone and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Leonardo, among countless others. And each lesson was written by Joy Lyn---a high school science teacher from Austin, TX.

Visit Ted-Ed for more super powered nerdiness and other vids that just might make your world a little better.

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