Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Star Wars: The Bounty Hunter Code: From the Files of Boba Fett

Deep in the darkest corners of BookExpo America...far from the steely gaze of your average geek on the hunt, there sat a little black book...plain..unassuming..thin. It was the word Bounty Hunter that caught my eye, and now I'm glad it did! You see, last year at BEA, there was a big display for these super deluxe orgazmo edition books with sounds and lights and enough zazz to fill your zazz jar for 15 years. The Book of Sith slid open like some deflowered ancient Egyptian tomb while the Star Trek Federation promised to sound like Sulu when it was all said and done. This year...little, black, almost invisible sampler books. Go figure. Quick note...the best part of this package? The section on "How to Hotwire a Landspeeder". Pure Gold.

BEHOLD!! Star Wars: The Bounty Hunter Code

When legendary bounty hunter Boba Fett met his untimely end at the Pit of Carkoon, the Rebel Alliance discovered a secure, blast-proof bounty hunter’s case holding Boba Fett’s personal items. For years it remained hidden away. But now all who wish may unlock the secrets held within . . . .

Press the buttons, insert the data card, and the case opens with sounds and lights. Housed within is a text of great import. At some point in his career Boba Fett bound together the latest edition of the Bounty Hunters Guild Handbook and a manifesto from Death Watch, the secretive splinter group of Mandalorians. Together, these volumes make up The Bounty Hunter Code.

The handbook is an essential guide for all bounty hunters. Senior Guild members offer advice for hunters new to the Guild, a detailed list of the tools and techniques crucial to the “crimson trade,” and the basics of making a living on the margins of galactic law. Boba Fett has scrawled additions and commentary in the margins throughout, as have the bounty hunters Greedo, Bossk, and Dengar, all of whom were once in possession of the Handbook.

The Death Watch volume—part informational guide, part manifesto—is full of Death Watch history, philosophy, and discussions of key Mandalorian gear: their famous T-visors, their celebrated armor, and their impressive jetpacks. This Death Watch booklet was originally taken from Death Watch leader Tor Vizsla and given to Boba by his father, Jango Fett, and features handwritten notes from father to son. Boba in turn intended to leave it to his daughter, and so he’s added his own annotations to aid in her education. The bounty hunter Aurra Sing and the pirate Hondo Ohnaka have added their commentary as well.

Tucked beneath The Bounty Hunter Code is Cradossk’s memoir, Making a Killing, a brutal account of his rise to the top of the Bounty Hunters Guild.

From the creators of Book of Sith and The Jedi Path, in collaboration with Lucasfilm, The Bounty Hunter Code reveals the secrets of the hunt and offers insight into this demanding, dangerous, and misunderstood profession.

The case includes:

    The Bounty Hunter Code
    The 48-page memoirs of Cradossk, former head of the Bounty Hunters Guild, with an inscription from the author to Boba Fett
    A Kamino saberdart
    Boba Fett’s captain's license
    Boba Fett's arms permit
    Slave I ’s official operating license
    An Imperial wanted poster for Han Solo
    An inventory slip from the Rebel Alliance forces who discovered and seized Boba’s property

This, the ultimate Boba item of the last..what... 5 years (at least 5 years, right??) is set to hit October 15th, 2013. CLICK HERE to pre-order The Bounty Hunter Code for 40% off!



  1. ...Are they now saying that according to canon, Boba dies in the Sarlacc? If this is a hint at that... I am not as happy for this book as I should be. D=

    1. Nice point! That's certainly one way to look at it, thought the wording can be subjective. Think of it as if the information is coming from the Rebel Alliance, so according to them, they found it after he went into the pit. That doesn't mean they had knowledge of him getting out when they released this info. This is the same Rebel Alliance that didn't know a second Death Star was being built until it was more than half complete.

    2. True. Silly Rebels.

    3. Don't forget the the 2nd Death Star was "Quite Operational". Double dumb for the rebel's on that one. : P

  2. Boba Fett didn't die. He shot himself out. Its canon

    1. Dengar got him out...

    2. no he killed the Sarlacc with a butt load of thermal detonators and crawled out, his armor was barely saved him from the Sarlacc's acids and then Dengar finds him.

  3. If you care about the character enough, enjoy yourself with reading and watching whatever you find or prefer concerning him. I agree with speculations above, however there is more canon material out there that I have not read and will be happy to. I enjoy not having it completely pieced together as far as a timeline is concerned, and hopefully there is even more in the works for this wonderful character.

  4. Only 48 pages. I'm sure not all of the Dark Horse/Marvel stories post-ROTJ will be still be canon depending on whether we ever get a Boba Fett spinoff film from Disney and its setting in the timeline. The current rumors suggest Young Han and Yoda.

  5. Young Han and Yoda? Like the Lego thing? Please. Han doesn't even believe in the force...

  6. Arms permit???? Psssht... He doesn't sound as badass anymore.

  7. The Rebel Alliance believed he died because they assumed no one could escape the pit. So at the time they did not know he was able to escape.