Sunday, January 19, 2014

How Kids Play Wrestling These Days

We used to say we fear the future our children will inherit. These days, I fear the future I walk into where kids with slouchy pants and unintelligible english run things. Today, I was pointed to a video simply titled "Action Figures Have Sex". Not having any idea of what I might be in for and my curiosity piqued sufficiently, I had to click. What I found within brought about a series of reactions ranging from extremely uncomfortable to hysterical laughter. Two small children playing with WWE wrestler figures with half the dialogue plucked from horrible, semi-adult TV and half, I can only assume, mirroring things the wrestlers would actually say. The result is slightly unsettling at times with moments I was nearly falling out of my chair. Hit the jump and see for yourself...

Image up top from InfiniteHollywood

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