Saturday, February 28, 2015

Adventure Time....THE MOVIE??!!

Days like this, I feel like someone is pranking me hardcore. Readers of Idle Hands over the years will attest to my love for the quirky, insane, completely random humor of the Adventure Time cartoon when you tell me someone is working on a full length feature film with creator Pendleton Ward both producing and head explodes. Seriously...I'm headless right now. It's a mess.

Deadline broke the news announcing Warner Brothers is developing the project with LEGO Movie producer Chris McKay and LEGO Batman Movie producer Roy Lee on board....which means, if I had a head, it would now be erupting like a volcano in the middle of LA. The LEGO Movie crew teamed with the Adventure Time team??!! HOW CAN THIS FAIL?! Crap I've jinxed it now. Knocking on all the wood everywhere.

Maybe this will convince Jazwares we need a really good Adventure Time action figure line. MAKE ALL THE FIGURES!!

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