Friday, February 27, 2015

New Darkness Video for "Barbarians" Packed With Comic Book Gore

You know how to instantly get my attention? Tell me a new music video from one of the best rock acts of the modern age contains amazing comic book art depicting Barbarians ransacking villages, and ultimately, gutting the band itself. SOLD. With a Tweet from Nick Roche, the amazing artist behind this work, I dove in without hesitation, knowing I'd be reliving my torn jeans wearing youth, blasting Manowar songs outside my high school. Manowar understood the power of a great metal song where vikings bathed the lands in red and left only fires raging in their know..the foundations of music! Impossible to dance to..great for beer drinking. But we aren't here to speak of the bygone days of METAL...we are here to celebrate THE DARKNESS and a truly epic music video. 

Nick Roche goes into some detail about his process in creating the marauding warriors we see here:

"They went from being babies, then to being inverted dark doppelgangers of the band themselves, to being stylised Fantasy creatures; Ivar the Boneless became a sluggy, Jabba-like warrior; Sigurd Snake-In-The-Eye became a reptilian warlord; Bjorn Ironside was decked out in iron, with metal plates attached to his head, and Hvitserk became a billowy white shirt-wearing Byronic assassin.
Yeah, I thought a lot about this."

CLICK HERE for more of Nick's art from the video. The Darkness "Last of Our Kind" hits June 1st, 2015...and you can get it ON VINYL!

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