Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Figure Fantasy: The Pop Culture Photography of Daniel Picard

Figure Fantasy: The Pop Culture Photography of Daniel Picard is a wholly unique collection of meticulously composed images, showcasing a variety of comic book and movie icons in realistic and often hilarious everyday settings. Canadian photographer Daniel Picard composes his comedic and artistic images using a mix of real-world photography and fantasy, resulting in a collection that actor Simon Pegg calls “a wonderful conversation piece.” Picard photographs 12-inch figures from Sideshow Collectibles, then arranges them in to-scale environments, using classic heroes and villains to create believable scenes and tongue-in-cheek parodies.

The gallery of images in this coffee-table book includes:
• A Stormtrooper with a desk job
• The Joker shopping for a Batman Halloween costume
• Harley Quinn taking a mirror selfie
• A Star Wars Tusken Raider fighting Jason from Friday the 13th
• Superman as a lifeguard in Malibu
• Clone Troopers visiting Legoland
• Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine enjoying a peaceful canoe ride

Picard gleefully crosses franchises and movie studios with his photography, saying, “I’d always wanted to see the Joker face off with G.I. Joe or the new Star Wars characters interacting with the old Star Wars figures. Photography for me is a way to express my own stories as a fan.” Kevin Smith echoes his statement in the afterword. He says, “As children, we could mix and match our toys within their different universes, limited only by our imagination.” He says Picard’s “salute to all the fun we had with our toys as kids” is so rewarding as an adult because it “shows us things that normally couldn’t exist” in today’s movies and comic books. Featuring an introduction by Daniel Picard detailing his one-of-a-kind take on pop culture parody, Figure Fantasy is a true treasure for fans, collectors, and photographers alike.

Figure Fantasy is due out June 2nd. Click HERE to pre-order and save!

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