Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Mystery Surrounding Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rey


There have been many fan theories about several characters in the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens film buzzing about the inter webs. Some make a lot of sense...and some are laughable, reassuring us that our geeky brothers and sisters are capable of putting waaaay too much thought into a movie they had no hand in creating. Yes, I get the fandom, and the love, having been a fan all my life, not long after my mother took me to see the first film as a child. I guess I just don't take it to extremes...unless I've got something to squint at for half an hour, forcing me to form my own hypothesis around the origins of one particular character...

As is the norm, it's TOYS that lead the way, revealing plot points, exposing new characters and igniting the geekiest of fan rants. Over the past couple of days, three new figures have surfaced in stores, no doubt ahead of heir post-premiere street date, revealing a plot point....we kind of already knew about. Why this is lighting a fire under the asses of Disney's legal department, I have no idea. As I said before, this plot point is one we've already heard and so...old news to most.

The three new 3.75 inch action figures (part of the build-a-weapon series) include Rey (Resistance Outfit), Han Solo and Hassk Thug. See if you spot the significant edition to Rey's arsenal.

Did you catch it? Let me...enhance...

If the accessory to the left of the figure didn't give it away, the card art sure did! It's a lightsaber! Now, we said there was a spoiler that had already been spoiled. This would be it. It seems that Latino Review already let the cat out of the bag with a posting of Rey's Top Trumps card showing her classification as Rebel and JEDI.

It also confirms Kylo Ren is SITH, so enough talk about that.
Now, while Rey revealed as a lightsaber slinging badass is AWESOME, I did notice another thing that could be nothing...or could be a huge plot point staring us in the face. When Hollywood wants us to associate a character with another, they'll often give them some visual cue in common. For Rey, my eye immediately went to her rather unique holster configuration.

Does it look familiar?

How bout now?

So maybe Rey is Han Solo and Princess Leia's Daughter? Very, very cool. I'll add that in her previous action figure outfit, she's got the double belts going, but the leg strap isn't added until she's got her lightsaber in hand, as if to make it all more obvious where she comes from.

BONUS!! Here's the JAKKS Pacific BB-8 big figure you'll all be foaming at the mouth over.

Note that the scale they are referencing is "in movie", as the pieces shown look more like the actual movie prop droids. Never realized BB-8 was so small!

All will be revealed next week when Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters!! .. or when some ass hat sees an early screening and spoils everything online. Either or.

Figure images taken by fans who found them IN STORES NOW. Regardless of the release date, if a store allows you to buy a figure, it is now your property and you may do with is as you wish. Thanks to ebay seller toyguyomaha for his images. Also thanks again to Latino Review for their Tops Trumps image.

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