Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Closer Look at the Creatures of Krampus

The holidays have come and gone and we are ready to greet a new year with half a bazillion geek movie epics ready to take center stage and even more insane horror films lining up for your entertainment dollars. One quiet, creepy, funny little film called KRAMPUS hit theaters this month and grabbed the hearts of a crowd I didn't suspect were looking forward to the film...FAMILIES!! Massive, excellent surprise to me that people took their kids to the (other) feel good movie of the year.

Back in October, Dread Central and Universal sent me off to Pittsburgh, PA to a place called Scarehouse. Inside, my group of East Coast journalists were greeted with all manner of creeps and ghouls around every maze like corner before spilling into an amazingly artistic area that would make Edward Gorey grin from ear to ear (which incorporated elements of Trick R Treat!) and finally capping with a journey into the lore of the KRAMPUS!! Included in this journey was one room which featured monsters, imagery and prop weapons straight from the film. Since our views of these things were fast, shadowy and fleeting, we thought you might want a closer look. Enjoy!

There's no Blu-ray release date yet for Krampus, but Amazon has the pre-order up at a discount, none-the-less. Word on the street is we'll see it ship in February. Jump on it!

Check out the full image gallery right HERE!

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