Monday, June 19, 2023

Bumpas: The Plush That Hugs You Back

Bumpas Weighted Plush Dolls

With travel season upon us, parents know the joys and fears of traveling with children. Whether on a plane, train, or in the car, kids can experience anxiety when away from the security of their daily routines. 

Much like a weighted blanket used to provide comfort from an anxious world, Bumpas dolls are designed to take on your travels and hug you all the way. Weighing 3lbs, and recommended for ages 3+, the oversized plush dolls have arms that are weighted and stay in place when gently draped around your shoulders.

The reassuring hug they give provides a sense of love, security, and comfort. The weighted arms help the doll stay in place when used as a travel pillow – a cute alternative to the ubiquitous u-shaped neck supports.

Bumpas dolls are available at,,,,, and many independent toy stores and airport gift shops throughout the U.S retailing for $34.99.

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