Monday, June 19, 2023

Marvel Zombies Rise Again This October


Marvel’s hit BLACK, WHITE & BLOOD series delivers the most violent and savage adventures of pop culture’s deadliest icons including Wolverine, Carnage, Moon Knight, and even the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader! The best-selling line continues this October with the installment fans have demanded. Prepare yourself for unimaginable horror as MARVEL ZOMBIES gets the BLACK, WHITE & BLOOD treatment in a new four-issue series!

Just in time for Halloween season, MARVEL ZOMBIES: BLACK, WHITE & BLOOD will satisfy fan’s cravings for terror with shocking tales from a host of all-star writers and artists! This action-packed, utterly original, gloriously gory anthology series is set in a universe where the Avengers, the X-Men, Spider-Man, and many more Marvel heroes and villains are beset by ever-growing zombie hordes and transformed into flesh-eating monstrosities. In a brutal, bloodstained world, can hope survive? Or will creeping, gnawing, shambling horror win out at last…?

Here’s a taste of what’s in store in MARVEL ZOMBIES: BLACK, WHITE & BLOOD #1:

  • ·       Legendary writer Garth Ennis returns to the Marvel Universe alongside artist Rachael Stott to reveal the tragic fate of Matt Murdock. As a zombie, Daredevil has committed unspeakable sins, and now it’s time for an old accomplice to finally put him out his misery. 
  • ·       Behold one of Spider-Man’s darkest days in a story by writer Alex Segura and artist Javi Fernández. He’s saved the world time and time again with a quip and a thwip, but when he’s forced to fight fiendish versions of his loved ones, will Peter Parker do the unthinkable and give up?!
  • ·       Writer Ashley Allen makes her Marvel Comics debut and teams up with artist Justin Mason for a jaw dropping Moon Knight tale. Discover how Khonshu, god of the moon and vengeance, intervenes during apocalyptic times to protect his loyal avatar, Marc Spector!

The undead plague starts here…and you know it won’t stop until everyone’s in its clutches! Check out the first cover below and experience MARVEL ZOMBIES like never before this October!

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