Friday, June 4, 2010

Bif Bang Pow Packaging for Venture Brothers, Dexter, Twilight Zone & Scott Ian

Ahhhh..our little plastic friends. Some people love them so much, they rip them free from their blistery confines the second they are paid for and throw them into a variety of action poses before facing them off against their greatest adversary, making the pew pew noises of battle the whole time. Other collectors love the little guys in a different way and want to keep them sealed up and perfect foreeeeeverrrrrr. Bif Bang Pow knows those people are out there..and for you, the freakish Mint On Card aficionado, we present the pretty pretty card art from several of BBP's newest action figure lines.

First up its The Venture Brothers Retro (MEGO style) Action Figures. The lineup includes Brock Samson and Dr. Venture in series 1, The Monarch and Dean Venture in series 2 and San Diego Comic Con Exclusives Henchmen 21 and 24 in series 3. Each card back includes designs to make your own Helper Robot out of a straw! Good times!! Card art designed by Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick.

Next up is the packaging for The Twilight Zone Retro (MEGO style) Action Figures. The waves revealed so far include The Gremlin and Jason Foster in series 1, Kanamit and The Devil in series 2 and San Diego Comic Con Exclusives Talky Tina and Willie in series 3. Upcoming figures teased on the card back include characters from episodes Eye of the Beholder (mutant faced doctor or nurse I assume), Time Enough at Last (Henry Bemis and his broken glasses for sure), Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up (three eyed shop keep perhaps?), The Invaders (fat gold aliens!) and The Night of the Meek (drunk Santa Art Carney).

Scott Ian has made the transition from Anthrax rocker to action figure! This rockin' figure of the famed guitarist stands 8-inches tall, includes a mini reproduction of Scott's custom Jackson™ guitar, and features multiple points of articulation and real fabric clothing… all in a retro style evocative of the most popular action figures of the 1970s. Rock your world by adding Scott Ian to your shelf!

Last in line, we diverge from the MEGO madness to the standard 7 inch action figures with our pal Dexter. Coming this August - Standing 7-inches tall and fully articulated, Dexter comes with interchangeable arms, allowing him to transform from killer to blood-splatter expert and back again. He also includes loads of great accessories: knife, body bag, ID badge, and blood slide!

Looking for a Dexter with a little more hardware? The Jumpsuit Dexter Action Figure is dressed in cloth scrubs and cloth apron, and he comes with a handsaw and welder's mask that features a flip-down visor. These sculpts are personally approved by Michael C. Hall and Showtime.

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