Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hasbro's SDCC 2010 Exclusives

Our buddies over at Toyfare Magazine got the exclusive on Hasbro's Marvel drool fodder for San Diego Comic Con in their current issue #155 (in stores nowww)..and now that they got the first strike, we've got the not-so-sloppy seconds! We love it when pretty pictures wind up in our email! It should happen more often!! (wink wink nudge nudge) We'll get the the previously announced 19 inch Galactus in a special, over-sized blister card package along side 3 and 3 quarter Marvel Universe figures Ultimate Captain America and Ages of Thunder Thor. You'll also be able to snag an Iron Man Mark VI Mighty Mugg with a flip up visor. There were rumors of a Marvelman (Miracleman) 3 and 3 quarter figure as well, but we are being told Galactus took that slot.

The Marvel gang join Sgt. Slaughter (for the G.I.Joe Fans), G1 re-issue Blaster with Ramhorn, Steeljaw and Eject cassettes and an as yet un-named Mighty Mugg (for the Transformer psychos) and a Dark Horse Visionaries Comic Pack with Cyborg Darth Maul & Owen Lars (for the Star Wars ubergeeks). Only one question remains...WHAT OF THE PONIES??!! Get ready for PONY POWER!!

NOTE: Some Hasbro SDCC exclusives are often made available via Hasbrotoyshop at the start of the convention, so if you are interested, keep watching. Sarge MIGHT pop up there. If you are looking to score a Galactus, no worries. He'll be repackaged in a box with a Marvel Universe 3 and 3 quarter Silver Surfer action figure.


  1. I want that Galactus and that Sgt. Slaughter. Any word on how to get these for sad folks like me not attending SDCC?

  2. I am going to SDCC but was wondering about Sgt Slaughter prices at the SDCC